Paraschos Maniatis

Department of Business Administration, Athens University of Economics and Business, Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34, Greece

  • Research Article   
    The Rise of Planning: From Humble Beginnings to an Important Profession
    Author(s): Paraschos Maniatis*

    This article explores the evolving role of planning as a specialty and its potential contributions to personal, professional, and societal advancement. By examining how planning can be extended to encompass personal life, professional development, and societal challenges, the article outlines a comprehensive framework for the growth of planning as a dynamic and impactful field. The methodology section outlines strategies for the development of planning professionals, including education, certification, networking, and continuous evaluation. The planning development model provides a structured approach to enhance planning as a specialty, encompassing stages such as training, certification, professional development, awareness, social impact, and international collaboration... View more»

    DOI: 10.35248/2315-7844.24.12.439

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