Enhanced Production of α-Galactosidase from Novel Strain Bacillus megaterium VHM1 in Solid-State Fermentation by Using Citrus Waste

Nagangoud V Kote, Veerappa H Mulimani, Gurushantappa Kadakol and Aravind Goud G Patil*

A high yield of α-galactosidase was achieved by citrus waste-based Solid State Fermentation (SSF) using a novel strain, Bacillus megaterium VHM1. The maximum production of α-galactosidase was obtained at 72 hours of fermentation. The optimal temperature and pH were 350°C 6.0, respectively. Higher enzyme production at 90% (58 U/g) was obtained with an increase in inoculum volume up to 100% (w/v). With the increase in moisture content of 50%- 100%, the production of α-galactosidase was concomitantly enhanced from 28 U/g to 56 U/g. Among the inorganic nitrogen sources tested, yeast extract yielded higher enzyme production (52 U/g). The enzyme production was maximum when raffinose was used as an additional carbon source. A forcefully aerated packed bed bioreactor was constructed for enhanced production of α-galactosidase. This enzyme could potentially be used for the processing of legumes in food processing industries to remove raffinose family oligosaccharides.

Published Date: 2023-12-11; Received Date: 2023-11-08