The relationship of modern cropping systems and pesticides to chronic diseases
International Conference on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures
August 17-19, 2015 Birmingham, UK

Robert A Streit

Iowa State University, USA

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Food Process Technol


The occurrence of chronic diseases among the populace in many developed countries has become more prevalent in recent years. Rare conditions and diseases are now commonplace. These include autism, diabetes, cancers, Parkinson´┐Ż??s etc. Besides being more frequent, these diseases are affecting more people at younger ages. Each is a personal tragedy with a high human cost as well as many social costs for families, communities and nations. There are universities and private research teams working to sleuth the mechanisms and biology of the diseases. This can lead to treatments and pharmacological answers to the problems. We believe a better approach is to search for nutritional and dietary factors implicated in this lack of health. Agricultural professionals and practitioners realize the grain, fruit, vegetables and meat produced ends on the table of a family or individual who is expecting no problems from its consumption. Medical and health professionals need to recognize people are as healthy as their diet allows. Food is only as nutritious as the soil is mineralized and biologically active. It is not supposed to trigger immune responses on a continual basis or contain moderate to high levels of pesticides. In the last three years the science of epigenetics has grown as has as the information about the microbiome systems of plants, animals and humans. This encompassing knowledge forces us to examine our food production and processing systems as to which practices and products are dangerous and affecting consumers. A more careful examination of our food supply and production systems is needed. Cropping practices have changed in major producing countries in the past two decades. Less labor is utilized and less mechanical cultivation is performed. The use of pesticides and herbicide tolerant crops has increased in average. While media outlets tout the supposed safety of the pesticides and traited grain, unbiased and independent examination studies point to the opposite suggesting that immediate action and regenerative work needs to be done. The function and importance of minerals in all areas of health needs more emphasis from all parties.

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