Psychosocial aspects of obesity
Satellite Symposium for Euro Global Summit & Medicare Expo on Weight Loss
August 18-20, 2015 Frankfurt, Germany

Maja Vanevska

Univeristy of Bitola, Macedonia

Satellite Symposium-Abstracts: J Nutr Disorders Ther


The influence of psychosocial factors on obesity was discovered, test questionnaires were answered by 30 women (W) and 13 men (M), divided in two groups: group with normal BMI<25kg/m2 (A), and the second group of obese subjects with BMI>30 kg/m2 (B). Educational level and success in education was higher in W (83,33%) and M (33,33%) in A compared to W (44,44%) and M (14,29%) in B. Satisfaction of their work is higher in A: 90%W and 80%M compared to B: 66,67%W and 60%M. We aren�??t satisfied from their colleagues relationships in 71,43%W and in 33,33%M, and not satisfied from the quality of their job, 42,86%W and 66,67%M. Feeling stress during their working activities was estimated in B (58,73% W) compared to A (36,3% M), and 20%M of both groups. The possibility of relaxation at home is significantly lower in B: 22%W and 14,29%M compared to A: 58,33%W and 66,67%M. Subjects in B consider negative the influence of their immediate surrounding, in 86,67%W and 100%M, disabling them in their psychosocial adaptation in the society. M have opinion that the other people make fun of their obesity in 67%. W don�??t share that opinion. Educational level and success in education and their work was lower in obese, their non adaptation to immediate surrounding and its negative influence to them was higher. It is confirmed that obesity is connected with many psychosocial problems.

Biography :

Maja Vanevska, at the age of 39, lives in Skopje, Macedonia. She has finished her elementary education in ,, Goce Delchev “, district Ilinden, and in 1999 year completed secondary medical school for nurse - technician in: DSMU ,, Dr. Jovan Kalauzi “- Bitola, R. Macedonia. She graduated in 2006 in the, Sublime Medical School in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia and gain the title: Specialist Nurse - general direction. Now she is advanced university student of nutrition at the Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences-Veles, Republic of Macedonia. From 2001 - and still - regularly employed as a Charge Nurse in the Department of Education at University Clinic of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic disorders - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.