Certified Reference Materials (ISO Guide 34) and Traceability of Reference Cultures
International Conference on Food Safety and Regulatory Measures
August 17-19, 2015 Birmingham, UK

Peter Naughton-Penn

Microbiologics, USA

Keynote: J Food Process Technol


The talk will focus on the importance of traceability with respect to cultures used for quality control purposes, in particular how commercially available products can greatly assist the laboratory in fulfilling ISO requirements of CRM and meeting current accreditation regulatory requirements. There will be clarification of what is meant by the term Certified Reference Materials with respect to QC Microorganisms and an understanding of what is CRM.. The discussion will centre on what is and what is definitely not CRM and correct procedures for the handling and use of CRM. Where and when should it be employed. Current ISO 11133 requirements for the use of QC organisms will also be touched upon and correct procedures for the maintenance of QC microorganisms

Biography :

With a career in microbiology for many years, from starting out in clinical laboratories to working in industrial microbiology including Food, Pharmaceutical and Environmental. Peter’scommercial career spans from working with major media manufacturers and manufacturers of microbial identification systems to his current position as International Manager with Microbiologics specialising in quality control and biomaterials. Peter has considerable experience in working with many major companies worldwide assisting them with their microbiology QC and identification requirements .

Email: ppenn@microbiologics.com