A really innovative trend of the wine market: Wine with no chemicals added (Only wines)
15th International Conference on Food Processing & Technology
October 27-29, 2016 Rome, Italy

Angela Zinnai, Sanmartin C, Taglieri I, Andrich G and Venturi F

University of Pisa, Italy

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Food Process Technol


The way of selling wines has changed dramatically in the last fifty years. If before we depended from the small national markets and from the media, scarcely spread and limited to the specialists, recently the globalization and the arrival of the web have revolutionized everything. Today is possible to share the knowledge (with zero costs through the social media) of the existence of particular products all over the world. All of that has generated the birth of infinite niches, which put together represent considerable volumes. The obligation of differentiate themselves in order to acquire attention from the customers has forced the wine merchants of any country to get wines with a history, an identity or at least some particular or unique characteristic. The clear target of any market is ‚??the wines have to be healthier with less added chemicals‚?Ě. The Only wine project is an experimentation conducted starting from 2013 by the DAFE (University of Pisa) using both white grapes (2013) and repeated using red grapes of Sangiovese (2014), in parallel at University of Pisa and in Fattoria dei Barbi, located in Montalcino. The grapes have been worked in total absence of oxygen, with specific equipment at the University of Pisa and at Fattoria dei Barbi. No addition of any chemical product were carried out, only a light enrichment with MCR (Concentrated Rectified Must) in order to reach the 13% volume in alcohol in Fattoria dei Barbi in 2014. A protocol made by University of Pisa has been followed and all the proceedings and processing were done in vats saturated with CO2 from natural origin in Montalcino and at the University. The wine from the first vinification of white grapes in 2013 is still stable. The sample of red wine from Sangiovese has been available for whoever is interested, giving the possibility to judge the good quality. This project would like to represent an example of an innovative technology, useful within reasonable costs, which allows substantial reduction of chemistry in every step of the wine making.

Biography :

Angela Zinnai has completed her 1st PhD from the Scuola Superiore Sant' Anna, Pisa. She is an Associate Professor of Food Technology at Pisa University. In 2008, she received a “Special Mention” at “Montana Premium” for Food Science Research (with her colleague Venturi F). She published more than 100 papers in journals or volumes and serving as a referee for research projects and papers. She was a scientific responsible for an Original Patent (PT2009A000018), an author of two Original Patents of Pisa University. She was invited speaker and part of the organizing committee for several national and international workshops and conferences.

Email: [email protected]