Tuoc Trinh

Tuoc Trinh

Tuoc Trinh
Institute of Food, Nutrition & Human Health
Massey University, New Zealand


He started his carrier as an engineer at (South) Viet Nam Power Corporation in 1969. In 1972 he joined as a Lecturer (South Viet Nam) in National Institute of Technology (NIT). From 1972-75 he worked as Head of Chemical Process Department and Vice-Dean of Science and Technology Minh Duc University. He retained as senior lecturer at the NIT renamed by the victorious communist government as Ho Chi Minh University of Technology from 1975-79.From 1980-89 he was owner and manager of Dong Tien Chemicals and continued private research in turbulence theory. From 1992-95 he worked as Research officer at the New Zealand Dairy research Institute. Currently he is a Senior lecturer at Massey University (Food technology/engineering)-led a group of post grad students in the design and construction of a fully computerised milk powder pilot plant-awarded the IPENZ Food and Biosciences Supreme Award of Engineering Excellence . He is a Founding editor for the book Milk Powder Technology-Principles and Applications.

Research Interest

• Turbulence theory
• Transport dynamics ( phenomena)
• Non-Newtonian fluid technology
• Rheology  including time-dependent fluids
• Food engineering
• Milk powder technology