Ting Chen

Ting Chen

Ting Chen
The Harvard Medical School


Dr. Ting Chen was born in Nanjing, China. He earned a B.S. in Bio-pharmaceutics at Nanjing University, China and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Nanjing University, China with the Best Thesis Award of Jiangsu Province.
During his Ph.D. Dr. Chen published five papers in the top toxicology and biochemistry journals during his Ph.D. career including some very prestigious journals in the world. His research has been reported in Chinese University Technology Transfer and other major Chinese national media. Due to his significant contributions, Dr. Chen has received the national prestigious award of “Hewlett-Packard Distinguished Chinese Student Scholarship”.
Dr. Chen began his academic career as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School. Now he is studying and developing high throughput screens platform for anti-cancer chemicals and siRNAs. His researches have been published in Circulation and Nature Chemical Biology.


Research Interest

The overarching goal of his research has been to developing a new class of anti-cancer therapeutics and to understand mechanisms by which N,N-diarylureas inhibit cancer cell proliferation in vitro growth of mammary tumors in vivo. Current interests are in the XBP-1 splicing mediated ER-stress pathway and its application in small molecule and siRNA screens.