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Important citations

Smad2 linker region phosphorylation is an autonomous cell signalling pathway: Implications for multiple disease pathologies

Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 (HCAR2/GPR109A) expression and signaling promotes the maintenance of an immunoinhibitory retinal environment

Unravelling the complexity of signalling networks in cancer: A review of the increasing role for computational modelling

Pharmacogenomics of Cognitive Dysfunction and Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Dementia

Interleukin-17 in Drug Toxicity

Impact of pretreatment with carnitine and tadalafil on contrast-induced nephropathy in CKD patients

Protease activated receptor-1 mediated dual kinase receptor transactivation stimulates the expression of glycosaminoglycan synthesizing genes

Assessment of a Potential Pharmacokinetic Interaction between Nebivolol and Bupropion in Healthy Volunteers

Nutritional supplementation for nonalcohol?related fatty liver disease: a network meta?analysis

Effect of mandarin peel extract on experimentally induced arthritis in male rats

Anti-arthritic effect of ?-caryophyllene and its ameliorative role on methotrexate and/or leflunomide-induced side effects in arthritic rats

Molecular interactions and vibrational properties of ricobendazole: Insights from quantum chemical calculation and spectroscopic methods