Subhash J Bhore

Subhash J Bhore

Subhash J Bhore
Department of Biotechnology
AIMST University, Malaysia


Subhash Bhore, PhD: Studied Botany at University of Pune (Pune, India) and Genetics at UKM, Malaysia. In 2009, he was nominated for the AASIO Young Scientist Award. He currently serves as Associate Professor (of Plant Biotechnology) at AIMST University, Malaysia. He has published more than 30 (indexed) papers, and submitted about 11,000 DNA sequences in GenBank, and got more than 8 awards/fellowships. He is actively involved in research as well as teaching and advising of students.

Research Interest

His research interest includes:
•    Plant gene expression and its regulation
•    Genetic engineering of plants
•    Gene annotation and gene bioinformatics
•    Generation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) to understand gene expression
•    DNA markers and their applications
•    16S rRNA gene based identification of bacteria
•    Plant tissue culture and mass production of plantlets, and
•    Bacterial endophytes and their applications.