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Journal total citations count 160
Journal Impact Factor 0.84
Journal 5 years Impact Factor 1.04
Journal CiteScore 1.03
Journal h-index 6
Important citations

Repair of accidental DNA double-strand breaks in the human genome and its relevance to vector DNA integration

Small RNA Plays Important Roles in Virus–Host Interactions

The RNA phosphatase PIR-1 regulates endogenous small RNA pathways in C. elegans

Microbial Azurin Immobilized on Nano-Chitosan as Anticancer and Antibacterial Agent Against Gastrointestinal Cancers and Related Bacteria

GH, IGFBP, PIT1 gene polymorphisms in ALLIEN BIEN BIRD

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Candidate Genes Related to Egg Production Traits in Vietnamese Indigenous Chickens

Effects of dietary supplementation of herbal active ingredients promoting insulin-like growth factor-1 secretion on production performance, egg quality, blood …

Functional genes polymorphism associations with egg quality traits in the populations of dual-purpose

Polymorphisms in some candidate genes associated with egg yield and quality in five different white layer pure lines

Metataxonomic profiling of bacterial communities and their predictive functional profiles in traditionally preserved meat products of Sikkim state in India

The unusual isolation of carnobacteria in eyes of healthy salmonids in high-mountain lakes

Bacteria of eleven different species isolated from biofilms in a meat processing environment have diverse biofilm forming abilities

Selection of nitrite-degrading and biogenic amine-degrading strains and its involved genes

Toward a Better Understanding of Bioassays for the Development of Biopharmaceuticals by Exploring the Structure-Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity …

Role of the Mitochondrial Protein Import Machinery and Protein Processing in Heart Disease

Atypical presentation of Sengers syndrome: a novel mutation revealed with postmortem genetic testing

Sengers syndrome in Asian Indians–two novel mutations and variant phenotype-genotype correlation

Mitochondrial diseases caused by dysfunctional mitochondrial protein import

An ancestral variant causing type I xanthinuria in Turkmen and Arab families is predicted to prevail in the Afro?Asian stone?forming belt

Nanovaccines formulation and applications-a review