Melvin A Pascall

Melvin A Pascall

Melvin A Pascall
Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology
The Ohio State University, USA


Melvin Pascall obtained a dual major PhD in Food Science and Environmental Toxicology in 1995 from Michigan State University. He received a Masters in Packaging Science from Michigan State University in 1991. His Bachelors degree was in Agriculture from the University of West Indies in 1987. He is currently employed (10 years) as an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University (OSU). Prior to joining the faculty at OSU, he was employed for 5½ years as a research scientist in the Division of Food Processing and Packaging, and in the Division of Nutritional Products Labeling and Dietary Supplements at the Food and Drug Administration in Chicago, IL and in Washington, DC, respectively. He was employed for 15 years as a quality control technician at Carib Glassworks Limited (a packaging manufacturer). At Ohio State University, he currently teaches courses in Food Packaging, Food Regulations, Food Plant Management and Low Acid Canned Foods Processing. His current research activities include the development of nanocomposite materials for food packaging, food contact surface sanitization, antimicrobial packaging, edible packaging, and the use of electrolyzed water and other novel sanitizers for microbial reduction on food contact surfaces.

Research Interest

• Food packaging
• Food laws and regulations
• Food contact surface sanitization
• Food shelf life evaluation
• Packaging materials testing and characterization
• Edible packaging