Dr. Faruque Hossain

Dr. Faruque Hossain

Dr. Faruque Hossain, PHD
Professor, Architecture and Construction Managemen
Kennesaw State University, Georgia


Hossain is an internationally renowned research leader, and he has published hundreds of world-
class papers in very high-impact journals. He wrote six (6) books as a single author published by
Springer Nature and Elsevier in the field of Sustainable Energy and Environment. He also wrote
eighty-two (82) book chapters as a single author published by Springer Nature, Elsevier, and
Routledge in this field. Currently, Hossain is working at the school of architecture and construction
management of Kennesaw State University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.
Prior joining Kennesaw State University, Hossain secured more than fifteen years of industry
experience in this field in the USA and abroad. He worked/consulted at several fortune-listed
companies (STV, Tutor Perini, Skanska, Delta Airlines, Con Edison, MWH Global) and managed
several multi-billion-dollar Sustainable Energy and Environmental projects. He also worked for
the New York City (NYC) Department of Citywide Administrative Services as a Senior
Management team and interacted with the heads of all public agencies (commissioners), highest
level government officials of local (mayor), state (governor), federal (U.S. government agency
directors and secretaries) and international organization leaders (Secretary-General of the United
Nations, Ex-presidents, etc.) for making policy on Sustainable Energy and Environmental project
for securing the sustainable environment for our planet Earth. His duties included the management
of a research and development fund ($4.6 Billion) for clean energy projects for New York under
the program of PlaNYC for building a sustainable environment for New York. During his tenure
in the NYC DEP as Acting Division Chief, Hossain managed a world-class team of architects,
engineers, contractors, consultants, and scientists from AECOM, Fluor, and maintained the highest
level of professional relationship to enforce Sustainable Energy Transition for all projects in
support of thriving a balanced ecosystem globally.
Hossain is renowned as the industry leader to conduct research, development, and project
management in sustainable energy and environment for thriving a sustainable ecosystem to
protect Mother Earth. Recently, he was leading a team of top-tier architects, and engineers for the
development of energy sustainable JFK Airport, New York ($7 Billion) and US Department of
Transportation MARTA projects in Atlanta ($6 Billion) as a leading consultant. He was also
recently leading another team of world-class architects, engineers, and consultants for the
development of the largest sustainable energy and environmentally friendly project in USA history
($8 Billion for LaGuardia Airport Development) as the chief consultant of Delta Airlines Inc.

Research Interest

Integration of my world-class industry experiences in sustainable energy and environment and
excellent collaborative academic research network with the top tier universities, I am currently
doing research focusing on the following three main areas:
? Sustainable Energy and Environment
? Implementation of clean energy technology to secure sustainable building, infrastructure, and
resilient community
? Application of renewable energy technology for building a sustainable planet for the next