Bottari Serge Pierre

Bottari Serge Pierre

Bottari Serge Pierre
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Grenoble, France


Dr. Bottari obtained his M.D. and subsequently his Ph.D. degrees at the Free University in Brussels, Belgium. He specialized in OB/GYN and was a post-doctoral student at UC San Francisco. After having been a project leader in the pharmaceutical industry, he became Professor of Cell Biology at the Medical School in Grenoble and Head of Endocrine and recently of Cardiovascular Biology at the University Hospital. While still a medical student, he was active in A.D. Strosberg’s lab and participated in the first purification of a G-protein coupled receptor, the avian ß-adrenergic receptor, to be reported, in 1977 . His first publication describing the structure-activity relationships of ß-adrenergic receptors appeared two years later.  His major contributions have been in the field of membrane receptor characterization and signalling, in particular with regard to the angiotensin AT2 receptor. His current work focuses on the pathophysiological role of nitro-oxidative stress and on insulin resistance especially during pregnancy and in newborns.

Research Interest

Insulin resistance: molecular mechanisms and pathophysiology
Nitro-oxidative stress: molecular mechanisms andtargets,pathophysiology
The renin – angiotensin system: signalling mechanisms and pathophysiology
Maternal and neonatal medicine: preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, Biomarkers.