Beatrice J. Edwards

Beatrice J. Edwards

Beatrice J. Edwards, MD
Associate Professor
Northwestern University, Division of Geriatrics The Feinberg School of Medicine


Dr Beatrice J Edwards MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics , Department
of Orthopaedic Surgery. Created and directs Bone health and Osteoporosis Center at
Northwestern University.

Her interests include a) overcoming the gap in medical care after fracture, having
developed a local secondary prevention program, and now participation in the
American Orthopaedic Association’s “Own the Bone” a national program for
osteoporotic fractures. Own the Bone will reduce future fractures,
hospitalizations, and healthcare expenditures; b) She works in co-management of
hip fractures, with algorithms of management that shorten length of stay and
improve outcomes; c) From the Study of osteoporotic fractures she identified that a
wrist fracture increases risk of functional decline by 48%. She received the
American Society of Bone and Mineral Research Faculty Enhancement Award with which
she will assess functional status and humerus fractures along with long term
outcomes. c) she is co-investigator in the NIH funded RADAR project, an active
pharmacovigilance research team, studied bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the
jaw, atypical femur fractures, acute kidney injury, amiodarone ocular toxicity, and
nephrogenic systemic fibrosis among others; d) Skeletal complication in cancer
survivors, such as fractures and correlates for fractures after breast cancer, and
incidence of fractures in solid and hematologic cancers.

Research Interest

Prevention of disability
Secondary prevention of osteoporosis
Bisphosphonates and adverse events : osteonecrosis of the jaw, atypical femur fracture
Fall prevention
Male hypogonadism
Osteoporosis in long term care settings
Seniors, cancer care and fractures, effect on quality of life