Aron D Mosnaim

Aron D Mosnaim

Aron D Mosnaim
Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology
Rosalind Franklin University , USA


Dr. Mosnaim was awarded a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences degree from the University of Chile and supported by a British Council Fellowship, a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from Glasgow’s Strathclyde University. After postdoctoral training at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, Dr. Mosnaim joined the faculty of Rosalind University of Medicine and Science/The Chicago Medical School where he currently holds a tenured Professorship in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and an Adjunct Professorship in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Mosnaim also holds and Honorary Professorship at the University of Chile. Dr. Mosnaim has co-authored over three hundred and fifty scientific papers, published abstracts and book chapters.

Research Interest

Biochemical, molecular and clinical pharmacology of biogenic amines, particularly phenylethylamine and related noncatecholic phenylethylamines. Pathophysiology of tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders. Vasoactive amines, endogenous peptides with opioid-like properties and the immune system in migraine and cluster headaches. Triptan drugs and the immune system. Endogenous peptides and the immune system in stress-related disorders e.g., post traumatic stress disorder and septic shock. Stress, endogenous peptides and asthma. Matrix metalloproteinases as markers for various neurological disorders, including vascular lesions, demyelination, inflammatory, degenerative and prion diseases.