Antonio D Masegosa

Antonio D Masegosa

Antonio D Masegosa
School of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
University of Granada, Spain


Antonio D. Masegosa was born in Granada (Spain) on February 2nd, 1982. He took his University degree in Computer Engineering in 2005 and his PhD in Computer Sciences in 2010, both from the University of Granada, Spain. From June 2010 he has been a post-doc researcher at the Research Center on ICT of the University of Granada. He has published three books and more than 20 papers in leading scientific journals and in both international and national conferences. He is member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation (OMICS) and the program committee of international conferences as IEEE CEC, ECAL or NICSO. He has served as reviewer in international journals as Information Sciences, NeuroComputing and Memetic Computing and international conferences as GECCO.

Research Interest

 My main research interests are:

- Cooperative Hybrid Metaheuristics
- Agent-based Metaheuristics
- Self-Adaptive Metaheuristics
- Dynamic Optimization Problems
- Continuous Optimization Problems