Aman Ullah

Aman Ullah

Aman Ullah
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional science (AFNS)
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Aman Ullah is an Assistant Professor of Lipid Utilization – renewable resources for industrial processing in the Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional science (AFNS) from University of Alberta. He has a Ph.D from University of Genova (Italy) by working together at Southern Methodist University, USA (In Chemical Sciences and Technologies) and Master of Science in Organic Chemistry in University of Agriculture Faisalabad (U.A.F.), Pakistan and Bachelor of Science from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan (Botany, Zoology & Chemistry). He is an Assistant Professor Specializing in the Utilization of Lipids from the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science. he also developed new corses like Renewable Biomaterials which with fundamentals in bio-based materials development, characterization, and applications and also Provided research guidelines to students on various projects, Designed and organized assessment tests. He is a member of The American Chemical Society (ACS), Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Bio-Environmental Polymer Society (BEPS), The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA).

He also received awards and fellowships from Canadian Rising Star in Global Health Award awarded by Grand Challenges Canada, Interuniversity National Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM) Research Fellowship and many.

Research Interest

Synthesis of monomers, Biopolymers, Nano-engineered biopolymers, Nano-biocomposites and bioconjugates from renewable resources for various applications, Renewable biomaterials, Monomers, Biopolymer synthesis, Bionanocomposites preparation and characterization, Food and non-food packaging, New monomers & biopolymers, Water remediation, Bioconjugates and Nanobiomaterials