Ales Kogoj

Ales Kogoj

Ales Kogoj, Ph.D
Associate Professor
University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dr.Kogoj is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Head of Psychogeriatric Department at the University Psychiatric Hospital in Ljubljana. He completed his in Medical Sciences from the University of Ljubljana.Dr. Kogoj is particularly interested in psychopharmacology, dementia, and depression in old age and is a member of national expert groups on guidelines in the field of psychogeriatrics and dementia. He was investigator in national and international trials. Dr. Kogoj is author and co-autor of several scientific and clinical publications and chapters of international textbooks in the field of psychogeriatrics. He is a member of editorial board of Acta Suicidologica Slovenica.Dr. Kogoj held faculty positions at Faculty of Health Sciences, Ljubljana, College of Nursing, Celje, and College of Nursing, Jesenice.He was founding member and chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease Association of Slovenia.

Research Interest



Depression in old age