Rahma Bchitou

Department of Nanostructures, University of Mohammed, Rabat, Morocco

  • Research Article   
    Efficacy Moisture Sorption Isotherms and Net Isosteric Heat of Sorption for Argan Leaves (Argania spinosa (L) Skeels)
    Author(s): Fz Ennoukh*, Khamsa Sghaier* and Rahma Bchitou*

    The objective of this work was to determine moisture desorption and adsorption isotherms of leaves Argania spinosa (L) Skeels. The equilibrium moisture content of argan leaves was measured using the static gravimetric method at three temperatures (30°C, 40°C and 50°C) and in wide range of water activity (0.07–0.898). Eight different mathematical sorption models have been fitted to the experimental data. The Peleg model represent sorption curve more adequately. The parameters of Peleg have been estimated both by direct and indirect regression methods. The net isosteric heats of desorption and adsorption was determined from sorption isotherms using the Clausiuse Clapeyron equation and was decreased as moisture content increased. The differential enthalpy and entropy decreased as moisture content increased and were adequately described by a polynomial function... View more»

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