Mohammedbrhan Abdelwuhab

Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia

  • Review Article   
    Possible Diabetogenic Effects of Statins Therapy and its Clinical Implications
    Author(s): Agumas Alemu Alehegn, Zemene Demelash Kifle* and Mohammedbrhan Abdelwuhab

    Statins, hydroxyl-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme-A reductive inhibitors, are efficacious and safe drugs used for the management of hyperlipidemia and preventing primary and secondary cardiovascular disorders. This reduction is directly proportional to the reduction of LDL-cholesterol. However, different population-based and Meta-analyses studies showed an incidence of new-onset diabetes mellitus (NODM). Older age, females, obesity, Asian descent, the potency and intensity of statin therapy, existing metabolic disorders, altered blood glucose levels, and increased weight are highly prone to diabetes. Although, the definitive cause of new-onset diabetes mellitus is not ruled out, plenty of mechanisms have been suggested including inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, decreasing expression of GLUTs, modifying lipoprotein particle size, decreasing adiponectin and ubiquinone levels... View more»

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