Mengyu Han

Department of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, California, United States of America

  • Short Communication   
    A Reflection of China's 5G and Supercomputing Developments
    Author(s): Mengyu Han*

    The strategic importance of the Chinese 5G and Supercomputing Industries necessitates an examination of their development trajectories. Yuhan Zhang provides a significant insight into the role of central government policies in shaping industry development outcomes. Using various analytical methods, the author contends that the Chinese government's industrial policies contributed to the divergent outcomes of the 5G and supercomputing industries prior to U.S. sanctions in 2019: an unbalanced 5G industry and an appropriately designed supercomputing industry. While I express reservations about heavy government investment in industry developments, as the author proposes, this article contributes to the ongoing conversation of how China might recalibrate industrial policies to restore balance in the 5G industry and reflect upon the successes of supercomputing policies f.. View more»

    DOI: 10.35248/2315-7844.23.11.429

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