Degen Zhuo

Splicingcodes, BioTailor Inc, Miami, USA

  • Research Article   
    The First Glimpse of Homo sapiens Hereditary Fusion Genes
    Author(s): Degen Zhuo*

    Family-inherited fusion genes have been known to be associated with human disease for decades. However, only a small number of them have been discovered so far. This report uses monozygotic (MZ) twins as a genetic model to investigate human hereditary fusion genes (HFGs). We have analyzed RNA- Seq from 37 MZ twins and discovered 1,180 HFGs, the maximum of which is 608 per genome. Based on these data, a human genome encodes at least 1,000 HFGs. We have found that forty-eight HFGs, whose recurrent frequencies are ≥ 25%, are associated with MZ twin inheritance, eight of which are detected in ≥ 52% of 74 MZ twins. Tandem gene duplications and SCO2 gene amplification generate four and two of these eight HFGs, respectively, and, in turn, provide the best and direct scientific self-support for the concept of hereditary fusion genes. Interestingly, two of these eig.. Read More»

    DOI: 10.35248/2153-0645.22.13.016

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