Waled Mohamed Abdel-Aleem

Waled Mohamed Abdel-Aleem
Central Lab of Organic Agriculture,
ARC, Minia

  • Research Article
    Improvement in the Quality of Pomegranate Leather
    Author(s): Souzan Saad Latif and Waled Mohamed Abdel-AleemSouzan Saad Latif and Waled Mohamed Abdel-Aleem

    New different products from pomegranate and roselle calyces either alone or blends of them with different ratio were prepared and dehydrated in leather form. The effect of processing on physiochemical, phytochemical composition and quality were evaluated. The results declared that roselle calyces extract includes the highest values of phytochemical compounds such as anthocyanin, total phenol, total flavonoid content, total tannic and acidity in comparison with pomegranate juice and pomegranate concentrate. These values were 321.50, 2007.72, 1336.33, 243.10 mg/100 g and 11.42% as citric acid respectively. Pomegranate and pomegranate roselle leather were also evaluated for their physiochemical composition and phytochemicals. The results showed that the replacement of pomegranate concentrate with roselle calyces extract for produced pomegranate leather recorded improvement in q.. Read More»

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