Urvashi Nandal

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    Effect of Storage Temperature on Physico-Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Kinnow Mandarin Juice Blends
    Author(s): Bhardwaj RL and Urvashi NandalBhardwaj RL and Urvashi Nandal

    The present investigation comprises 20 treatment combinations having five different combinations of Kinnow juice blends, two processing temperature (75°C and 85°C) and two levels of potassium meta-bi-sulphite (500 ppm and 750 ppm). The juice blend combinations thus prepared were stored for six months in 200 ml glass bottles at refrigerated storage temperature (4 ± 1°C) and at ambient temperature (28 ± 4°C). Juice blending ratio (Kinnow juice 87: Pomegranate juice 10: Ginger juice 3) with processing temperature (75°C for 15 minutes) and potassium meta-bi-sulphite (750 ppm) showed better qualitative characteristics i.e. T.S.S., acidity, ascorbic acid, total sugars, NEB, limonin, flavour, colour and bitterness during storage (up to six months) under refrigeration and ambient temperature. However, the post storage studies also revealed that all these cha.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7110.1000361

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