Using Web-Based Instructional Tools in Graphic Design Projects of Students with Speech Disorders

Nouf Alsuwaida*

Background: This study aimed to evaluate the learning experiences of art students with speech disorders using an online platform, the web-based learning technology “Canva.”

Methods: Using mixed methods, data were obtained from students with speech disorders from an all-female academic institution in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Results: The findings revealed that Canva facilitated students’ acquisition of art and design media technology and improved their communication, self-direction, and emotional and behavioral regulation. The outcome of the study provided four themes:

• Students’ feelings and experiences through concrete experience in the hybrid graphic design course.

• Students’ observation and reflection in reflective observation during the hybrid graphic design course.

• Students became self-directed and critical thinkers abstract conceptualization.

• Students developed their ability to practice in a final project group through active experimentation.

Conclusion: These results have implications for educators who want to promote engagement and interaction of students with disabilities using technological tools.

Published Date: 2023-12-28; Received Date: 2023-11-27