Studies on the Development and Storage of Whey based RTS Beverage from Mango cv. Kesar

Sakhale BK, Pawar VN and Ranveer RC

Whey and juice of mango (Cv. Kesar ) were utilized at various combinations (70:30, 75:25 and 80:20) for preparation of nutritious ready-to-serve (RTS) beverages and evaluated for various physico-chemicals and sensory attributes during storage. The study revealed that the RTS beverage prepared with 70% whey and 30% mango juice scored maximum for almost all sensorial quality attributes such as appearance, color, flavor, taste and overall acceptability and also found highest in ascorbic acid content (9.80mg/100g). A reducing trend was observed in total sugars and ascorbic acid and increasing trend was observed in reducing sugars and acidity content during the storage of beverage at refrigeration temperature over a period of 30 days. The beverage remained unchanged with respect to TSS content along the storage period.