Combination of Process Technology and Packaging Conditions to Improve the Shelf Life of Fresh Pasta

Annalisa Lucera, Cristina Costa, Lucia Padalino, Amalia Conte, Valentina Lacivita, Maria Antonietta Saccotelli, Daniela Esposto and Matteo Alessandro Del Nobile

In this work, the effects of Potassium Sorbate (PS) in the dough, antimicrobial air filter after the pasteurization and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) as combined preservation techniques were studied on shelf life of fresh pasta. In particular, in the first experimental step the influence of an antimicrobial air filter used to cool down pasta temperature after heat treatment and packaging under MAP (70:30 CO2:N2) were tested. Subsequently, different concentrations of PS (500, 750 and 1000 mg kg-1), combined with the air filter, were added to the pasta dough to control moulds and bacteria proliferation. In the final trial, PS (1000 mg kg-1), air filter and MAP were combined. In each experimental step, both microbiological and sensory quality was monitored. Results demonstrated that the preservation strategies adopted in each step were effective to control microbial and fungi proliferation and, when all of them were combined; the shelf life was about 40 days against about 8 days of the control sample.