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Teaching oral disease prevention
18th Asia-Pacific Dental and Oral Care Congress
November 21-23, 2016 Melbourne, Australia

Garth D Pettit

University of Adelaide, Australia

Keynote: Oral Health Dent Manag


The purpose of this study was to gather information to fulfill a mission: �??Prevent Oral Diseases in Children�?�. In mid-1996, five years after retiring from a lifetime in general dental practices in Australia then in England then back in Australia, the author returned to general dental practice, because his second granddaughter, aged 3 years, had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front deciduous tooth. That is why and when his mission began. He became the District Dental Officer for East Arnhem Land in The Northern Territory of Australia in January 1997. He was delighted with this appointment, because working with schools, parents, teachers, children and adults, he would be in contact with people he considered important for him to fulfill his mission: �??Prevent Oral Diseases in Children�?�. He was advised by his superiors that there was no funding available for research, but he had their permission to research for his project �??Prevent Oral Diseases in Children�?�. His project soon became choosing between the 3,500 year-old �??Brush Your Teeth�?� instruction and his new oral hygiene instruction �??Paint Your Mouth�?�. The author chose the submission title, �??Paint Your Mouth�?� versus �??Brush Your Teeth�?�.

Biography :

Garth D Pettit graduated Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in November 1953 from University of Adelaide, School of Dentistry. He was retired from dental practice in December 1991. His expertise he gathered over a period since 1995 is to teach people of all ages how to prevent common oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth. However his research in 2001, led him to believe that the 500 year old instruction Brush Your Teeth was misleading, often did not prevent these diseases and in fact could be a cause of these diseases. In February 2011 he published, in Amazon Kindle, twelve eBooks. Two were new and ten were from electronic copies of his original 10 Mouth Wise Oral HealthCare Manuals. They were titled “Oral 7 Hygiene – Paint Your Mouth, “Visit 1 of 12 Visits to GarGarThe Dentist”, etc. Later they were re-titled “Paint Your Mouth”, then “How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth?” Now they are to be published under the title “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention”.

Email: gdplaptop@bigpond.com