Orthodontics: Creating new vision
28th Annual American Dentistry Congress
March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA

Alexander Ditmarov

The Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Russia

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Nowadays there are a lot of different approaches in orthodontics. We have a variety of different appliances ?? fixed (both labial and lingual), functional, growth guidance. We have hundreds types of appliances in use, but we still have important questions unanswered like: There are side-effects; there is controversy about when to start orthodontic treatment; there is still no consensus about the causes of malocclusion; there is a marked lack of information about long-term stability; finally there are TMD and sleep apnea ?? the etiology of these conditions I believe should be better understood in order to prevent them in early stages. The United States of America are known as the motherland of contemporary orthodontics. So I decided to shoot a documentary about the orthodontics in order to collect different opinions and create a wider vision on the problems we currently have in the specialty. I??ve crossed the continent two times and filmed 9 interviews with American orthodontists. From that material I??ve edited my film. In my lecture I??m going to talk about the experience I??ve gained during the creation of this project and also about the conclusions I can make now regarding the controversy in orthodontics.

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