Invisalign Teen: Why going wireless just became irresistible?
28th Annual American Dentistry Congress
March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA

Vandana Katyal

University of Sydney, Australia

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: Oral Health Dent Manag


High school and middle school is a trying time for most children. Teasing and bullying is commonplace. We are also in the age of smartphones, Snapchat and selfies. All these put social pressures on children and teen and they become highly aware of their appearance during these years. Invisalign Teen can have advantages not only for the patient but the team and doctor as well. This lecture will highlight the evidence-based approach to using Invisalign Teen for simple to complex cases. 95% of children and teens can be comfortable and aesthetically treated with good results and uncompromised treatment times.

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