HIPAA and technology: The survival guide
28th Annual American Dentistry Congress
March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA

Jimmy Georgiou


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Dental practices are struggling to understand, implement and support the expectations of the Office of Civil Rights technological regulations. This is due in part to both a lack in education and economical solutions available. As a result, Protected Health Information (PHI) is not being electronically secured, stored or transmitted in accordance with HIPAA regulations. This course will provide background on how HIPAA and EHR will help shape the landscape of the Dental Industry as well as understanding the conceptual and practical aspects of designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining a secure environment for ePHI, HIPAA and Dental Technologies. The objectives from taking course are: To understand how to educate staff on HIPAA requirements and expectations and the steps to take to protect patient's Protected Health Information (PHI); walk away with an overview on how HIPAA and technology can actually improve your business; implement technological procedures and safeguards to address all applicable HIPAA requirements of securing the PHI of patients and complete a technical risk assessment within the organization to identify and address vulnerabilities.

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