Diode laser assisted periodontal therapy for aesthetic management of gummy smile
28th Annual American Dentistry Congress
March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA

Hoda G H Hammad and Yousef A Abdelghaffar

Gulf Medical University, UAE
Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt

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Background & Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the use of diode laser as an adjunct of Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) in gingivoplasty for management of gummy smile to achieve the "Golden Ratio" of the esthetic smile, with regard to its bactericidal capability and its improved rate of periodontal wound healing. Study Design/Materials & Methods: Twenty (20) female patients were randomly subdivided into two equal groups: Ten treated with diode laser and 10 operated with conventional surgical gingivoplasty; which formed the control group of the study. Initially, all patients were clinically examined for confirming that the cause of the gingival excess was due to the gingival overgrowth per see and only. Also, for each patient, pre and post-operative photographs were taken. Gingivoplasty of maxillary anterior and posterior teeth (from the right maxillary second premolar to the left maxillary second premolar of the treated patient) was performed for the patients. For the two groups the protocol of topical anesthesia and local anesthetic was the same. After treatment, Ketolac 10 mg tablets and Hexitol antiseptic mouth wash were prescribed to all patients. The pocket depth and bleeding index on probing were measured for both the laser group and the surgery group after one week of the treatment. Again, reassessment of all patients was performed after two and three weeks with taken post-operative patient photographs at each time. Results: Postoperatively, the laser treated patients had minimal pain and little inflammation compared to the surgery managed patients. The bleeding index when probing was improved in 97.9% of the laser group, while for the surgery control-group it was only 65.7%. Furthermore, the gingival pocket depths were markedly more reduced in the laser treated group than in the control surgery operated group. Conclusion: Diode laser reveals a noticeable bactericidal effect and helps to reduce inflammation in gingivoplasty for management of gummy smile cases. The diode laser assisted therapy supports and accelerates rate of wound healing in periodontal tissues.

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