Clinoptilotite zeolite: A fascinating mineral with capabilities to rebalance and detoxify the body towards a longer, active and healthier live
4th International conference on Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics
September 22-23, 2016 Phoenix, USA

Lars von Olleschik-Elbheim

Elbheim Konsultation, Germany

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Pharmacogenomics Pharmacoproteomics


Clinoptilolite is an outstanding microporous material with a super large surface of volcanic rock origin with special selective binding capacities towards heavy metals, small positive charged molecules and even viruses. It is very interesting that engages mainly the ‚??bad boys‚?Ě and thus supports their inactivation and depletion from the human body. Used since thousands of years by men and even being part of instinctive activities in some animals it was more or less forgotten until the Chernobyl catastrophy led to intense research activities in order to protect the health of the people as good as possible. Clinoptilolite showed to be the best material to prevent the environment from further intoxication and it is even capable of depleting substances like radioactive Cesium out of the human body. Now a days there is a rising amount of publications with case reports and clinical studies showing that the ‚??typical diseases of the elderly‚?Ě, like e.g. diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, some forms of brain damage can be slowed down or stopped in their progression, sometimes effectively treated by the use of clinoptilolite. By blocking toxic compounds from interfering with internal regulatory processes and the capability to deplete them from the human body it shows anti-aging effects e.g. on skin, liver, heart, brain, bones, wound healing, hair and overall endurance. Combined with the right diagnostics clinoptilolite is more and more proving as a very good part of the medical toolbox.

Biography :

Lars von Olleschik-Elbheim has completed his PhD in Medical Microbiology from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Germany. In the past 17 years he has been working for both pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies in various positions. Dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of environmental, diet and behavior related diseases, his interest focused on the effects of personalized nutrition within the frameset of personalized medicine. Within this context he is currently focusing on the effects of clinoptilolite zeolite, Vitamin D and adaptogens, when it comes to stress and age related diseases and anti-ageing in general. The proper use of companion diagnostics for consultation and monitoring is one of his additional topics of interest in regard to personalized nutrition and anti ageing.

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