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Commentary - (2021) Volume 11, Issue 6

Environment Sustainable Chemical Engineering Technologies
Ahmed Ismail*
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Barcelona, Germany
*Correspondence: Ahmed Ismail, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Barcelona, Germany,

Published: 29-Dec-2021


Seven natural remedies synthetic of assorted from materials viz., Nile compost (NC), Town refuses compost (TRC), Market residues compost (MRC), Agro - compost 1% N (AC 1% N), Agro - compost 3% N (AC 3% N), Nile fertile (NF) and Olive pomace compost (OPC) as soil amendments have been evaluated below discipline situations as a soil remedy for handling the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita populations both in the soil or in roots in comparison to untreated flora at some point of successive seasons. Significant variations in the nematode populations have been observed inside and among remedies. the percentage efficacy of such remedies in lowering the nematode populations in each soil and roots, the excessive price of NC product & the advocated price of MRC product in months, one month at the usage of every of the low price and consequently the advocated price of NC, TRC, AC 3% N additionally collectively month at the usage of every of the excessive fees of MRC and AC 3% N the decrease price (four kg/tree) of AC 1% N has exceeded the others. As for plant increase, all of the examined remedies induced will increase in plant height, stem diameter, flower yield, the burden of a hundred flora, concrete restoration of flora of zinc, a few oil characters i.e. index of refraction at 20ºC, relative density at 15ºC, acid and ester numbers additionally due to the fact the chemical composition of jasmine leaves and flora i.e. their contents of N , P , K , general chlorophylls, general carbohydrates and crude folding in comparison with manipulate flora. Generally, there has been nice relationships among doses of all remedies and discount in the nematode populations and will increase altogether the formerly stated jasmine increase parameters. In Egypt, jasmine, Jasminum grandiflorum L. is cultivated on an oversized scale for the extraction of its concrete and absolute merchandise and maximum of these herbal merchandise are exported to numerous nations and as a result it's miles frequently taken into consideration as a precious supply of cash. it is been said to be inflamed via way of means of Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis which motive anatomical modifications and extreme harm in inflamed jasmine roots Al-Sayed and Ismail et al.. The discount of crop losses way to nematode contamination is a technique for growing crop yields. the usage of nematicides is an impractical approach in the manipulate of plant-parasitic nematodes due to the fact they may be both poisonous and motive environmental dangers or are very expensive. Soil natural amendments are used as an exchange twin approach in the manipulate of nematodes and enhancing plant increase and its yield. Waste substances comprising of numerous agro-wastes and business wastes for fish in the large markets and metropolis refuse withinside the form of business composts are used efficiently to adjust many species of nematodes and extended increase parameters in their plant hosts. Organic rely impacts nematode populations in opportunity ways, immediately via way of means of owning nematicidal homes in the course of its degradation, or circuitously via way of means of improving the occasion of nematode herbal enemies and enhancing crop overall performance to increase tolerance to the nematode. Applications of formulations of Alexandria metropolis wastes as soil natural amendments notably decreased populations of M. javanica and notably extended yield of sugarbeet. A biofertilizer product "Nile fertile", includes sulphate lowering bacteria, Thiobacillus sp. changed into notably decreased M. incognita populations on squash with enhancing the yield in comparison to the take a look at Noweer, Hasabo, D, Adaabbo et al. and Sasanelli et al. observed that the olive pomace decreased populations of numerous nematode species and enhancing the growth in their plant hosts both below glasshouse or open discipline situations. Moreover, Khalil said that including natural rely into soil extended their useful impact on soil fertility, all plant increase parameters, and yield of rosemary, rosemary . this record describes the effects of a few composts of agro wastes, one compost of city wastes, one compost comprising of marketplace residues, one biofertilizer, and olive pomace compost in control of R. reniformis and additionally, on increase, yield and chemical analyses of jasmine below discipline situations in Egypt.



Conflict of Interest

We have no conflict of interests to disclose and the manuscript has been read and approved by all named authors.