Zhongjun Zhou


Dr. Zhongjun Zhou Graduated from China, he went to Sweden for PhD and Postdoc training in Karolinska Institute. In year 2003, he started his own lab in the University of Hong Kong in the Department of Biochemistry. His work has published in the leading journals such as Nature Genetics, Nature, Nature Medicine, Cancer Res, PNAS, JCB, JBC, BLOOD, Circ Res, Human Mol Genet, EMBO J etc. Since joining the University of Hong Kong, He has received the Outstanding Research Output Award, National Award for Scientific and Techmological Advance, 12 external research grants from Hong Kong, China and USA.

Research Interest

Dr. Zhongjun Zhou research focuses on development and diseases. He works on the understanding of aging processes and signalling regulations that controls development and diseases using mouse models. He is interested in how stem cells affect aging and how aging affects stem cells. He has been working on the molecular mechanism underlying the stem cell decline and signalling pathways that control the stem cells depletion in aging. He is also interested in how pericellular proteinase affects development.