Zhenda Shi

Zhenda Shi

Zhenda Shi, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Division of Viral Diseases
United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA


Zhenda Shi, Microbiologist III of Rotavirus Vaccines and Immunology team at CDC, Atlanta, USA, specializes in studies on GI tract immunity and viral pathogenesis. Zhenda Shi earned his MD from Harbin Medical University, and his PhD from Georgia State University working with Dr. Andrew T. Gewirtz.

Research Interest

Innate and adaptive immunity, virus, microbiome Microbe pathogens still jeopardize public health. In comparison with bacteria, we do not have potent treatment strategies against viral pathogens, although certain antibiotic-resistant bacteria have emerged. Bacteria and viruses have co-evolved for billions of years, if not longer. It is surprising the two does not evolve into certain mechanisms to overcome the competition role against each other. By investigating how bacteria inhibit viral infection, we can learn novel means in combating such diseases: 1. To mechanistically characterize how segmented filamentous bacteria prevent rotavirus infection 2. To identify druggable host or bacterial components that are required for treating rotavirus infection 3. To define the mechanistic signaling framework of such anti-viral activity.