Wei Hsu

Wei Hsu

Wei Hsu
Associate Professor, Biomedical Genetics & Oncology
University of Rochester Medical Center, USA


Wei Hsu earned his PhD from Mount Sinai Medical Center and completed a postdoctoral training at Columbia University Medical Cente.r He has joined the faculty of theUniversity of Rochester since 2002 .The interest of his laboratory is to investigate the Morphogenetic Signaling Network in Development and Disease, His work has led to important contributions to our understanding of Wnt signaling and its interplay with other signaling pathways in various developmental processes in health and disease .He has received distinctions including the NKF fellowship award the DOD IDEA award and the PHS awards from the NIH.

Research Interest

1 Gene knockout and transgenic studies

2. Mouse model for human disease

3.Embryonic Axis Determination/Axial Patterning

4. Craniofacial Morphogenesis

5. Skeletal Development and Disease

6. Breast Development and Cancer

7. Wnt

8. FGF


10. Small Ubiquitin related Modifier