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Important citations

 Human Embryos Genetically Modified: A Review

Spontaneous Appearance and Transmission of Polydactyly in Dexter Cattle

A recessive lethal chondrodysplasia in a miniature zebu family results from an insertion affecting the chondroitin sulfat domain of aggrecan

Germline mutation within COL2A1 associated with lethal chondrodysplasia in a polled Holstein family

Usefulness of Mini-STRs in Analyzing Degraded DNA Samples and Their Forensic Relevance

The genomic ancestry of Jat Sikh population from Northwest India inferred from 15 autosomal STR markers using capillary electrophoresis

Association of ESR? XbaI A >G, ESR? PvuII T > C and ESR? AlwNI T > C Polymorphisms with the Risk of Developing Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Systematic Review and Genetic Meta-analysis

From genetics to epigenetics to unravel the etiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

 Human Embryos Genetically Modified: A Review

Mutation Spectrum Induced by 8-Bromoguanine, a Base Damaged by Reactive Brominating Species, in Human Cells

NEIL1 p.Gln282Stop variant is predominantly localized in the cytoplasm and exhibits reduced activity in suppressing mutations

MUTYH the base excision repair gene family member associated with colorectal cancer polyposis

Impaired 8-Hydroxyguanine Repair Activity of MUTYH Variant p.Arg109Trp Found in a Japanese Patient with Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer

 Human Embryos Genetically Modified: A Review

Comparative Modelling of Huntington Disease

 Human Embryos Genetically Modified: A Review

HbD Punjab/HbQ India Compound Heterozygosity: An Unusual Association

Coinheritance of Hb D-Punjab and ?-Thalassemia: Diagnosis and Implications in Prenatal Diagnosis

Hemoglobinopathy in India

Amyloidy i prionoidy – czy jest ju? czas, ?eby si? obawia??