Syed A A Rizvi

Syed A A Rizvi

Syed A A Rizvi
Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nova Southeastern University, USA


Dr. Rizvi pursued an M.S and PhD combined degree program at the Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta, GA. While working at GSU, Dr. Rizvi was trained in the areas of Analytical Chemistry, Separation Sciences, Bioanalysis, Surfactant Chemistry, Chiral Separations of the Drugs, Trace Level Analysis (Forensic Chemistry) of Drugs in human body fluids (led to a US and International patent). Right after finishing M.S and PhD at the GSU, Dr. Rizvi pursued another PhD (under Prof. Martin J. D’Souza) at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mercer University (MU), Atlanta, GA in collaboration with Dr. Scott L Childs (founder and chief Scientific officer, Renovo Research, LLC). At Mercer, Dr. Rizvi was trained in the areas of Solid Dosage Formulations (direct compressed tablets), Controlled Release Formulations, Nanoparticulate System for Non-Invasive real time In Vivo Imaging, Cell-Lipid interaction Studies.

Research Interest

Pharmaceutical formulations 
Ionic liquid formation and cocrystallization 
Nano and micro-encapsulation of the drugs for targeting and controlled release
Multistep synthesis of small organic molecules
Pharmaceutical analysis
Design and synthesis of novel monomeric and polymeric surfactants for separation of chiral and achiral compounds in micellar electrokinetic chromatography