Shoichiro Ozaki

Shoichiro Ozaki

Shoichiro Ozaki
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research


1958.4-1981.3 Mitsui Chemical Industries Ltd.
1962.2-1963.8 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn .Post Doctoral (Prof.C.G.Overberger)(Fulbright )
1963.9-1964.10 Universitat Mainz Post Doctoral (Prof.H.Kammerer) (Alexander von Fumboldt) 1981.4-1996.3 Professor at   Ehime University,Department of Chemical Industry Present Professor Emeritus Ehime University University of Konstanz Visiting   Professor (Prof.Pfleiderer)
1996.4-7 NewYork State University at StonyBrooksVisitingProfessor (Prof.G.Prestwich)
1996.8-1997.8 Shangdong University, Visiting Professor(Prof.Kong,X.Z)
1997.9-2002.9 the University of Utah, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Post Doctoral(Prof.G.Prestwich)
2002.10-2012.11 The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. Research Chemist

Research Interest

Waste management, Global Warming