Qin Hu


Dr. Qin Hu obtained her MS.c in Year 2012 and Ph.D in Year 2015 from Hong Kong Baptist University. After that she completed a postdoctoral research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since May 2016, Dr Hu joined State University of New York at Buffalo as a Postdoctoral/Visiting Scholar. Till now, she has authored more than twenty research articles. Dr Hu is active in the scientific community as a peer reviewer for several high-reputed journals. She is also serving on the editorial board for several journals.

Research Interest

The main focus of Dr. Hu’s research is to develop various analytical separation methods in combination with mass spectrometry and various spectroscopic techniques for the separation and characterization of fluorescent carbon nanoparticles. Meanwhile, Dr Hu contributes to searching for applications of carbon nanoparticles in different fields, such as applying carbon nanoparticles as nanosensors and use carbon nanoparticles for pharmacological applications.