Min-Hao Kuo

Min-Hao Kuo

Min-Hao Kuo
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Michigan State University, USA


Associate Professor Research Associate, 1998-1999, University of Virginia Post-doctoral fellow, 1996-1998, University of Rochester Ph.D., 1995, University of Rochester B.S., 1986, Department of Medical Technology, National Taiwan University

Research Interest

1. Chromatin dynamics and nuclear functions
We are interested in understanding how chromatin dynamics, including histone modifications and composition of different chromatin factors, contributes to the execution and regulation of different nuclear activities. Transcription regulation and mitotic checkpoint control are two current research focuses.

2. Tau phosphorylation and Alzheimer’s Disease
We are developing a novel system to produce recombinant Tau protein with pathophysiologically relevant hyperphosphorylation and to use this protein for Tau aggregation studies and drug screening.

3. Protein post-translational modifications
We have long interested in the structure-function relationship of protein post-translational modifications. Protein-protein interactions that are controlled by modifications are at the center of our research. In addition, we currently embarked on the development of a new system that enables us to produce recombinant proteins bearing a selective post-translational modification. These proteins, including Tau, will be used for biochemical experiments aimed to delineate the biological significance of such modifications.

4. Lipid metabolism of yeast and model microalgae
Working with a group of scientists at the Michigan State University, we are also devoted to the delineation of lipid metabolism in yeast and two microalgae, Chlamydomonas and Nannpchloropsis. Our goals include (1) biofuel production and (2) biological functions of neutral lipids.