Michael Halim

Michael Halim

Michael Halim, MBBS
Doctor, Member of Royal Society of Public Health
University of Salford, United Kingdom


Dr Michael Halim MBBS, MSc, MRSPH, graduated top in his class in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from the University of Fudan, Shanghai, China, in 2019, and earned a distinction in MSc Biomedical Science from the University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2020. He is also an active member of the Royal Society of Public Health (MRSPH) since 2020. During his internship year in Fudan University, 2018 – 2019, equivalent to FY1 in the United Kingdom, he has acquired fundamental clinical skills, accumulated substantial working experiences, and built strong work ethics, which has enabled him to provide better care and support for his patients and established a good rapport with other healthcare workers in the work place. His responsibilities consisted of: taking patients’ histories, performing physical examinations and specific procedures catered to the patients’ requirements, clerking patients, assisting his colleagues and supervisors, and participating in conferences and research. He is also very active and enthusiastic in research, and has been working with several renowned professors in medically related research projects since 2014, because he is a strong advocate of applying knowledge attained from medical sciences into research, with the aims of discovering new diseases, establishing more up-to-date guidelines, upgrading diagnostic and treatment procedures, and improving patients’ overall quality of life. Currently, he has published many papers in internationally recognized peer reviewed journals and University of Salford repository (USIR), secured a competitive university grant for his undergraduate research project, received invitations from several journals to take up the role of a peer reviewer or an editor, invited to present his research in prestigious international conferences, and has guided his peers and juniors regarding research both formally (via seminars) and informally (via private discussion sections). He is aspired to work as a pediatrician in the NHS, follow by pursuing an academic clinical fellowship, and ultimately, become a well-rounded specialist and researcher in the future.

Research Interest

Michael Halim currently has a broad range of research interests, as long as they are related to the fields of medicine and biomedical science, which include: pediatrics, internal medicine, oncology, neuropsychiatry, and Covid-19, which is likely to persist, until he has chosen his specialty, ideally pediatrics, in the future.