Karim Michail


Karim Michail was born in Alexandria, the Mediterranean city of Northern Egypt, in 1975 and finished school at Saint Marc French Catholic College (1993). He is a pharmacist, an academic, and an entrepreneur. He started his carrier in 1999 after being awarded a B. Pharm. from Alexandria University. In November 2000, Karim started his own business as a pharmacist at a private community pharmacy which by year 2010 was one of the top pharmacies in patient care and service, where he served as a preceptor for hundreds of pharmacy students. Next, he obtained his Masters in pharmaceutical sciences in 2002 and was appointed as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University. His early carrier research focused on pharmaceutical analysis of drugs used in respiratory tract disorders in biological matrices. Following 3-year doctoral studies at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Prof. Wintersteiger\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\s research group, Graz, Austria, Karim was awarded the title of Dr. rer. Nat. from Karl-Franzens University in 2007. At that point, his research mainly dealt with phase 1/2 clinical studies on a patent anticancer combination. During that period, Karim mastered several analytical/bioanalytical techniques and was first to introduce a novel dual-column solid phase extraction for sample preparation. Also, he established collaborative research work with partners in Belgium at the Service de Chimie Analytique, Institut de Pharmacie, Université de Liège. Karim returned to his home country and started a spin-off pharmaceutical company with 2 of his friends, where they registered novel topical preparations for pressure ulcers. After some time in industry, he continued as a postdoc at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in the group of Prof. Arno Siraki, University of Alberta, studying mechanisms of free radical toxicology. There, they pioneered a biochemical technique for free radical detection via converting the paramagnetic ESR signal to fluorescence emission using post-trapping derivatization.

Research Interest

Biochemical toxicology and pharmacology,Free radical toxicology and role in drug-induced agranulocytosis, Analytical biochemistry and toxicology, Biochemical and biophysical detection methods, Free radical detection using spin-trapping/EPR and immuno-spin-trapping/SDS-PAGE, Post-trapping derivatization of radical metabolites and fluorometric assays, Bioanalytical chemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacometrics, Biomedical chromatography and therapeutic drug monitoring, Impurity profiling of drug substances, validation protocols, and chemometric methods, Animal models of gastric ulceration.