Karen Dybkr

Karen Dybkr

Karen Dybkr
Associate Professor
Aalborg University, Dept. of Haematology , Denmark


Dr. Dybkær is presently working as the associate professor of haematology in Aalborg University Hospital. After completion of M.Sc and Phd in 1995, she has started working as research associate in various projects in different reputed universities. She has also served as editor, reviewer, chair for many reputed interantional journals anf conferences. She has publised over 20 research paper in international journals and has received a number of honourary grants and awards.

Research Interest

• The role of cellular hierarchy on tumour development and the        interactions between tumour and host
• Tumour individual response to chemotherapy
• Determination of mechanisms controlling and catalyzing initiation and    development of lymphoproliferative diseases of B-cell, T-cell and natural killer    cell origin with specific focus on the lymphomagenesis-causing genes and    their deregulation
• Molecular retroviral pathogenesis