Josef Ozer

Josef Ozer

Josef Ozer
Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, USA


Dr. Josef Ozer received a doctorate in Cell Biology at Vanderbilt School of Medicine in 1992 and cloned regulatory factors that activated viral promoters. He continued eukaryotic transcriptional mechanisms as a postdoctoral fellow at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology and identified novel human general transcription factors. As a Instructor at the Wistar Institute. Dr. Ozer identified general transcription mechanisms that were conserved in yeast and human In 2000 Josef became an Assistant Professor at the Boston. University School of Medicine in the Pharmacology, Department and pursued novel nuclear biomarkers for disases of the colon in addition to investigating neuronal transcription mechanisms. In 2005 he joined Safety Assessment at Merck in West Point PA as a Research Fellow Josef contributed to the renal biomarker regulatory submission as part of the PSTC consortium and coauthored papers in the Nature Biotechnology issue dedicated to this effort in May 2010. He also represented Mercks efforts in the PSTC liver biomarker consortium and continued those efforts when joining Pfizer as a Senior Principal Scientist in 2008.

Research Interest

Analytical assay development
Intact large molecule LC/MS
Translational medicine