Jae Eon Yu

Jae Eon Yu

Jae Eon Yu, DPhil
Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration
Keimyung University, South Korea


Jae Eon Yu is a citizen of Republic of Korea and currently residing in Korea. He studies international trade and finance studies at the undergraduate level at Korea University in Seoul, completing the Bachelor of Business Administration. He earned his DPhil degree in Systems Thinking and Management from University of Lincoln, U.K. after completion of MA and MPhil degrees of Management Systems and Sciences from the University of Hull, U.K. and Diploma of business studies from West London College in London. He is currently a full-time Associate Professor and Department Chair of at College/ Department of Business Administration, Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea. While practicing advisors in the Korean Government institution, company and bank (e.g. members representing public interest at Federation of Korean Trade Unions, Hyundai Green Power, Ltd., and Smile Microcredit Bank), he was awarded the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Ministers? Outstanding Achievement Award in 2010. With longstanding interest in systems approaches to problem-solving and management, he has explored a new kind of „systemic innovation?, social change and organizational transformation, community and social enterprises, microfinance, social responsibility of profit and non-profits organizations in Korea.

Research Interest

Official committee members, National Labor Relations Commission, Korea , Official members representing the public interests, Federation of Korean Labour Unions, Korea , Director, Department of Business Consulting Interculture Management Center, Seoul, Korea ,Consultant and Project Manager, Department of Business Consulting Korea Productivity Center, Seoul, Korea Business Manager, Department of Business Consulting Asian Consulting Ltd., Seoul, Korea COURSES TAUGHT  Asian Culture and Systemic Innovation, Strategic Management, Social Innovation and Organizational Change, Organizational Design & Theory, Human Resource Management, Performance Management and Human