Hideko Kaji

Research Interest

Some of my major findings involve life’s fundamental processes which include The demonstration that the binding of specific tRNA to the complex of ribosome and synthetic poly-nucleotides. This discovery formed the basis of genetic code determination. First description of the enzyme arginyl tRNA protein transferase (ATE1), which transfers arginine to proteins.ATE1 is now recognized as the key enzyme which plays an important role in protein function and degradation. Discovery that J chain which is an essential protein for the polymerization of polymer immunoglobulins(IgM and IgA) is produced even in cells which does not form polymers. Recent finding that the fourth step of protein synthesis, recycling of ribosomes in eukaryotes is catalyzed by a factor called eEF3 (eukaryotic elongation factor three).I also contributed a great deal to elucidation of the fourth step in prokaryotes catalyzed by ribosome recycling factor (RRF).