Hakan Olsson

Hakan Olsson

Hakan Olsson
Executive Editor
Professor, Department of Cancer Epidemiology
University Hospital, Sweden


Dr. Olsson completed his Medical education from  Karolinska Institute. His Clinical education was been completed from  Karolinska Hospital Stockholm. He has completed  Oncology specialty training in 1983 and got Board certified in Oncology 1984.After that he finished his  PhD Oncology in 1989.In 1990 he started hiscareer as senior lecturer Oncology, in he has become 1995 head physician Oncology. In 1996 he has become Professor Oncology.Presently he is professor of Department of Cancer Epidermiology, University Hospital, Sweden.

Research Interest

Cancer genetics, environmental and genetic risk factors of malignant diseases especially: malignant lymphoma, melanoma, breast cancer, sarcoma, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. BRCA1, BRCA2 and p53 associated tumour disease . Genetic predisposition. Hormonal carcinogenesis. Environmental carcinogenic exposures.